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This site designed especially

To preview all inventions for the Egyptian Engineer Inventor / Shahat Said EL Saied Abou Zekry to sell usufruct, industrialization and marketing, to professional factories or to serious financier on the level of world and all desirous to invest the money to buy, marketing and industrialization the ideas and inventions.

And so that site designed for preview our books

And so that designed to preview his books and the reportages about his inventions and his news in the Internet to profit all visitors from our site.

Eng. Inventor / shahat said abo zekry

welcome to you in site for Egyptian Engineer Inventor /  Shahat Saied Abou Zekry and hope to all visitors to benefit or contracted on one of inventions or learning and knowledge about any information you search it in our site.

 and please to skim in all site to get to most utilization and thank you

And so that site designed for Learn you about new vehicles

If you are Engineer, Mechanic, driver or vehicle owner or you working in any thing about the vehicles or you like that field, you can when you visit our site you can learn every thing about vehicles and new about it or you can correct your information about vehicles and contents it, and how it working and the failure reasons of parts and how fix it.

And so that site designed for Learn you about arithmetic

If you are like the mathematics arithmetics and you want to refresh your memory, your omnipotence and learn how you can solution all the mathematics arithmetics on your fingers and revision it, so that the multiplication operations on your fingers only, faster and accurate from the calculator machines and without it.